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The Ga-Adangbe
The Ga-Adangbe people inhabit the Accra Plains. The Adangbe are found to the east, the Ga groups, to the west of the Accra coastlands. Although both languages are derived from a common proto-Ga-Adangbe ancestral language, modern Ga and Adangbe are mutually unintelligible. The modern Adangbe include the people of Shai, La, Ningo, Kpone, Osudoku, Krobo, Gbugble, and Ada, who speak different
dialects. The Ga also include the Ga-Mashie groups occupying neighborhoods in the central part of Accra, and other Gaspeakers who migrated from Akwamu, Anecho in Togo, Akwapim, and surrounding areas.

Debates persist about the origins of the Ga-Adangbe people. One school of thought suggests that the proto-Ga-Adangbe people came from somewhere east of the Accra plains, while another suggests a distant locale beyond the West African coast. In spite of such historical and linguistic theories, it is agreed that the people were settled in the plains by the thirteenth century. Both the Ga and the Adangbe were influenced by their neighbors. For example, both borrowed some of their vocabulary, especially words relating to economic activities and statecraft, from the Guan. The Ewe are also believed to have influenced the Adangbe.

Despite the archeological evidence that proto-Ga-Adangbe- speakers relied on millet and yam cultivation, the modern Ga reside in what used to be fishing communities. Today, such former Ga communities as Labadi and Old Accra are neighborhoods of the national capital of Accra. This explains why, in 1960, when the national enumeration figures showed the ethnic composition of the country's population, more than 75 percent of the Ga were described as living in urban centers. The presence of major industrial, commercial, and governmental institutions in the city, as well as increasing migration of other people into the area, had not prevented the Ga people from maintaining aspects of their traditional culture.






GA-MASHIE is the Original active name of the present GHANA’S capital city named "ACCRA" and the owner of that sovereign-state.

The word "ACCRA" was poorly derived from the name "NKRAN" (Ga word for Red Ants). The Ga-Adangbe Nation dressed in red to a battle (war) which they won, so many years before the Gold Coast regime and their opponents described them as "NKRAN". Though the Europeans poorly spelled the word "Nkran" as Accra, both words "Nkran and Accra" is unacceptable to the "GA-MASHIE" and the Ga-Adangbe Nation in general, who are the indigenes of that area.

First, let us define "NATION or ORIGINAL NATION" ? :- A body of people associated with a particular territory and its environment, that is sufficiently conscious of its unity to have it own civilized law abiding rules, regulations, beliefs, culture, speak the same language and have a leadership of King, Queen or an Oracle. The roots of a Country are its Original-Nations and must be cherished and preserved.

GA-MASHIE is a sub-nation of the GA-ADANGBE Nation, whose identity is transparently overshadowed by the word "ACCRA", an alien government name given to the Ghana Nation's capital and to the Ga-Mashie sub-nation itself. The word "ACCRA" is not part of Ga-Mashie’s culture (spiritual doctrine) and cannot be one. Based on the ancient legacy of the "ASAFO" doctrine practices, it will be against spiritual rules of the GA-ADANGBES, their blood and spiritually bonded part GA-MASHIE, and its priceless theocracy, which is already in danger, to accept the name Accra as a replacement of their name GA-MASHIE.

The sub-nation Ga-Mashie has a unique format, it consists of other Chiefs within its Asafo Doctrine practices. The following Districts have chiefs :- Otublohum, Asere, Abola, Alata, Sempe, and Akanmaiadze are directly under the Gbese King, which makes the Gbese King a Paramount King within the Ga-Mashie geographical territory only. The other sub-nations of the Ga-Adangbe nation : Osu Asafo, La-Asafo, Teshie Asafo, Tema Asafo, Nungua Asafo, and Ga-Mashie Asafo, etc. are NOT under any other king, or under any Paramount king indirectly, directly, on contract, on agreement, or by means of any battle among them (as suggested by some but which never occurred). The Ga speaking sub-nations are all "Ga" proper, some of them named their sub-nation after an Ancestor Divinity of the Ancient Nubian regime as a Legacy.